Why Spexal?

We believe that our broad knowledge and skills are unique. Covering process design, mechanical design, control and commissioning, communication, and artificial intelligence, we can personalize a robotized solution for any process. We intend to change the way businesses automate their facilities through the use of the latest technology. Our company specialises in logistics robotics application, which includes cobots, mobile platforms, and cutomized bots for any logistic automation task. We have independent knowledge in all robotic products, therefore, we are not biased to one particular brand. We are commited to providing you with an innovative, robust, and cost-effective solution.

We develop robots.

Collaborative robots fitted with with cameras for object detection and suitable grippers for picking and placing items.

Autonomous mobile platform that can drive safely around a facility to complete specific tasks.

Combining a mobile platform with a collaborative robot makes it possible to handle a wider range of tasks.


From mechanical to electrical design, we develop our protoypes and products from scratch using the latest technologies.


Spexal develops innovative and advanced software solutions for industrial logistics robots, mobile platform, and robot arms.


Intelligence is in the heart of our products. We implement advanced technologies to give the robots the ability to see, learn, and reason.


Safety is one of Spexal's top priority. Our robots are integrated with safety systems that meet different certification standards.

Latest News

Simulation and AI Department at Spexal


  • Spexal is proud to announce its new Simulation and AI Department. This department aims at supporting our clients in their industrial designs by modeling, simulating and optimizing solutions for their suitcases.

Spexal is a new member of the EtherCAT Technology Group


  • We are proud to announce our membership in the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG). We always look for reliable, fast and safe communication protocols for our robots. And, together with ETG, we are focused on further improving this protocol and expanding its usability.
  • Visit our EtherCAT page

Spexal is now an official supplier for BMW Group


  • This is an opportunity to work together with the BMW Logistics Robotics Department on advanced robotic projects. We aim to develop innovative solutions aiming to automate intralogistic tasks.

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